4.-Pierjean Albrecht – Marbella Clinic – Founder and Editor of Transform Magazine

Pierjean Albrecht – Marbella Clinic

Founder – Editor of Transform Magazine –

Transform Magazine

Pierjean (pier) Albrecht, of Marbella Clinic, considers that It has been given to us to live in times of information. From politics, economics, culture, history, geography, astronomy, to sport, fashion, health, beauty etc.. access to information is so easy. The dilemma is not the lack of it, but the overwhelming quantity of it , so that choosing it, organizing it and using it for our own benefit has become sometimes a real stress. Should we accept just to be “informed” or should we rather use information to “transform” ourselves, inside and outside, in the way we want ? says Albrecht.

TRANSFORM magazine has been created not only as a new informative media (instrument), but to provide practical, objective information that can be immediately used to transform our lives, in a small or in a greater way, and always in a better way.

Life is in perpetual motion. Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed said (Newton). It is true that time itself transforms us all along our lives, inside and outside, whether we want it or not. Should we let time do it alone or should we be part of it ?, says Pierjean Albrecht, of Marbella Clinic.

TRANSFORM magazine has the ambition to be a real instrument. Each article of each chapter will be written so one can make a step forward to its own transformation, without loosing time, having direct access to renown specialists in each field, says Dr Albrecht.

Pierjean Albrecht; of Marbella Clinic, explains: “Looking” good for “feeling” good. “HANDSOME” will be the chapter of external beauty, sometimes the first step to a transformation. From clothes to make up, from hair dresser to plastic surgery, as our look has an impact on our day to day life, for ourselves and in our social life, improving our image is often a way to make a step forward for a better life.. It provides the energy to make a second step forward.

 A better image is useless if one is not perfectly fit. The “HEALTHY” chapter will focus on the most practical ways to keep our health, to improve it or to recover it. Men and Women health, diet, exercise, teeth and smile, condition, veins, etc.., based on the experience of experts but also on the common sense of users, being healthy can be the second step to transform ones life. says dr Pierjean Albrecht

 The “Happy” chapter will be dedicated to the outer and inner ways to bring happiness in our lives Being happy is easier when one looks good, feels good and is fit . Isn’t it the only thing that matters?. Being “Happy” in the good way, being so “happy” that you can also make others happy, says Albrecht.

Pierjean Albrecht, of Marbella Clinic,  considers that TRANSFORM magazine is not a “killing time” instrument, is not a “desire raiser” for passive mood consumers, it is “information in action” for a better life. It starts today.